Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool

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Give yourself a natural face-lift in minutes from the comfort of your own home.

Recognised by traditional Chinese medicine, ‘Gua Sha’ also known as scraping therapy, has been used for thousands of years to help retain youthful looking skin.

Hand-crafted from natural Rose Quartz, this exquisite tool fits perfectly in your hand and effortlessly hugs the curves of your face and neck. 

Use each of the sides and gently scrape the skin to elicit a natural facelift with a healthy, pinkish glow. It helps to increase blood circulation, refining and smoothing your skin, as well as stimulating a variety of acupressure points. 

The heart shaped tool is also useful to target other areas of the body.

Use the Ritual Gua Sha tool to release pressure points and sore spots. It feels amazing to ease tension in the back of the neck and cervical spine areas, as well as in the balls of your hands, around the thumbs especially.


Pro Tip:
Gently massage half a loaded dropper of Ritual Oils into your skin. This will help the Gua Sha glide across your face with ease.


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